About Us

Unistockists Nigeria Limited  was established almost two decades back in 2000. Our foray in Industrial Low Voltage products & Automation  started in the year 2004 with the major Distributor of ABB make Low Voltage products specialized for Oil and Gas. In the following years we started adapting to the emerging markets and the latest trends in the Automation Industry. Thus we introduced ABB Low Voltage products such as Distribution Boards, Breakers (MCCB & MCB), Contactors, Relays, Motors, Industrial drives, Instrumentation products and many other electrical products.

As Authorized ABB Distributor , we positioned ourselves as One Stop Source for most of the ABB LV Industrial & Automation products. Evolving further we expanded in providing Customized Automation Solutions based on the above products for all Verticals & Industries covering Steel, Power, Cement, Oil & Gas, Paper, Printing, Packaging, Food & Beverages, Engineering, HVAC, Plastics, Chemicals. The list is endless & ever expanding.

We now also specialize in retrofitting of existing Low and Medium Voltage Panels by installing an energy efficient ABB products along with the necessary electro-mechanical modifications.

We not only supply the ABB Products, we also provide customized practical and economical solutions.